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Odyssey Phone Repair

Odyssey Phone Repair

317 Larkfield Rd         631-759-0379

Rated best on Long Island, we pride ourselves in being a high quality phone repair store. Odyssey Phone Repair is located in the heart of East Northport, right on Larkfield Road. The techs of Odyssey specialize in state-of-the-art services and exceptional customer care. All iPhone screen repairs are fixed before your eyes within 10 minutes. Customers will feel like they have been given a personal tech assistant for all their repair needs in years to come. We work on all types of devices including apple, samsung, motorola, and more. Our head tech has mastered all types of repairs such as the iphone back glass, soldering, and laptop/tablet hardware.


To tailor to all of our customers schedules, we are open daily at 9am and close at 8pm everyday except sundays when we close at 6pm.

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