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Northport Chamber of Commerce

Northport Chamber of Commerce

        PO Box 33        

The Chamber has, for over 50 years, strived to support the community and enrich the quality of commercial, civic, and social life.

Northport-East Northport Community Drug

Northport-East Northport


Drug & Alcohol Task Force

        324 Main Street        


Our mission is to prevent and reduce the use of drugs and alcohol among the Northport-East Northport youth community. We work to inform the public about alcohol and other drug-related issues, in part by promoting and offering alternative activities in order to reduce risk factors. We also provide information and referrals to support community members impacted by substance misuse/ abuse.

Northport Police Benevolent Association

Northport Police Benevolent Association

        PO Box 441        


Serving the members of the Northport Police Department as well as the Northport Village community.

President- Stephen Kerekes

Vice President- Michael Gigante

Sgt at Arms- Alan Bakker

Treasurer- Sean Sagistano

Secretary- Patrick O'Brien

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